Friday, November 27, 2015

Accurate Append and Facebook custom audiences

I've got a new Adriel Hampton home website, designed and developed by the amazing Serina Patterson of Sprightly Innovations.

I'm also working hard to build up The Adriel Hampton Group, where we work with civic tech companies on growth strategy, and with progressive nonprofits and political campaigns to provide digital engagement strategy and community building.

My colleague Candice has a new blog post up about our client Accurate Append. Accurate Append phone append and email append services - the kind of data quality you need to run Facebook custom audiences with verve.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

League of California Cities tries to kill open government bill

One of my proudest accomplishments over the past year has been the progress on SB 1002, the California Open Data Standard. I helped draft a framework for the bill along with open government advocates from around California and the world. Sadly, the lobbying group the League of California Cities is trying to gut the bill and is smearing open data advocates in the process.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Adriel Nation - Technologies for democracy; social media for social good

I am writing to ask you to join Adriel Nation, my network for promoting emerging technologies for better government, democracy and self-governance and for sharing opportunities to help charities around the world. All  of my blogging is now on this new platform, powered by NationBuilder.
Adriel Nation has two key focuses: promoting emerging technologies for improving democratic and self governance (Gov 2.0 RadioNationBuildercivic tech events and more); and using social networks to create awareness of and raise funds for organizations doing social good (XBAR Gives and more).
If you join, you will also have the opportunity to suggest organizations we should be supporting and to make other suggestions for the focus of Adriel Nation.
Thank you!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Empire Avenue: The [X]

Nice week for The Cabal private group, the Justice League of Empire Avenue. Robert Scoble is a new member, we've got eight of the top 10 global share price spots, and, in an epic development, "friends and family" beta tester an leader of "Zod's Army," eZOD has joined the group. If you need help on the Avenue, ask the Justice League, and join me in The [X] Bar chat when you see me.