Thursday, April 01, 2004

Ace columnists Matier and Ross were obviously steamed they missed the big District 5 story. So steamed, they reported dreary breakfast meetings between former Mayor Willie Brown and a despondent Supervisor Matt Gonzalez where the supe was noticeably changed after losing the mayoral runoff. Problem is, the meetings never happened, as Gonzalez friend Whitney Leigh pointed out to M&R on Wednesday. “I don't know whether the truth matters to you folks, or whether your relationship with Willie is sufficiently cozy that you don't mind being used as a vehicle to distribute falsehoods from time to time,” Leigh wrote the duo. “But quixotic as it might seem, I can't help feeling that somebody with this town's paper of record might at least wince a little at this kind of thing. Call me crazy.” Whit, you are crazy. The Examiner is this town’s paper of record. …

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