Monday, April 26, 2004

Former Planning Commissioner Lisa Feldstein is building a Web site for her run in District 5 and has a new logo very much the same as the logo D5 incumbent Matt Gonzalez used in his mayoral run. Hers is green, highlighting a party affiliation more popular in her district than The City as a whole. … When former Supervisor Angela Alioto turned over the gavel momentarily to local Republican Party chairman Mike DeNunzio at Friday's meeting of the 10-year homeless plan council, DeNunzio went on record: "For the first time in 30 years, a Republican is chairing a meeting at City Hall," he quipped. It's not quite that bad. Former party chair Don Casper ran a tight ship under Brown at the Civil Service Commission. … The literature lasts when you run unopposed. An attendee at Saturday's Town Hall meeting in Visitacion Valley reports Supervisor Sophie Maxwell filled an information table with campaign brochures from her 2002 run. … Gavin Newsom and actress Sharon Stone spoke at Saturday's National Center for Lesbian Rights dinner. …

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