Thursday, July 15, 2004

Jose Ricardo Bondoc, affectionately know as "Richie," is one of the hardest working campaign staffers in town. Last year, he single-handedly collected more than 2,000 signatures to help put Gavin Newsom's name on the ballot, and led a parade of signature-toting volunteers into the Department of Elections. This year, his services are in the employ of Myrna Lim, who's challenging Gerardo Sandoval for his District 11 supervisor seat. ... Out in the district, he's twice run into the incumbent, most recently Wednesday afternoon outside Cala Foods in the Excelsior. Both times he asked the supervisor to sign for his opponent. ... "When you’ve been doing it with a group of people for as long as our group has been doing, it almost becomes second nature to ask whoever passes you, 'Would you like to sign our petition?' " Bondoc said. "You find yourself asking people you wouldn’t normally ask in your right mind." ... And what was the reaction: "He quickly exited stage left … which is probably the best thing he could have done." ... One story going around has Richie asking Sandoval to be No. 2000 to sign the petition. "The story gets embellished," Bondoc said Thursday. ... The Lim campaign has collected 2,100 signatures toward a goal of 2,500 and plans to deliver them to the Department of Elections by the July 22 deadline. Said Bondoc, the soft-spoken 29-year-old whose reputation around town is quickly growing: "We definitely hope to make a big production."

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