Friday, August 27, 2004

From the DCCC:

Local Democrats Pick Candidate and Proposition Endorsements for November 2, 2004 Elections
San Francisco, CA: The San Francisco Democratic Party has finalized its choices for local proposition endorsements as well as for Democratic candidate endorsements in the School Board, College Board, BART Board and Supervisor races.
Local Democratic Party members met on August 7 to interview proponents and opponents of local propositions as well as to interview candidates for School Board, College Board and BART Board. The local committee met again on August 21st to interview Supervisor candidates for each district race.
"The outcome of this November's election will have an enormous impact on the lives of voters, both locally and nationally. That's why we felt it was especially important this year to provide guidance to Democratic voters when they go to the polls on Election Day," said Leslie Katz, SF DCCC Chair.
Due to the number of propositions and candidates on the ballot this fall, the committee held two meetings -- one on August 11th to vote on the propositions and board candidates and one on August 25th to vote for the supervisor candidates.
"Throughout the interview process, our committee members were repeatedly impressed by the many qualified Democrats running for local offices in San Francisco. We were able to endorse a number of qualified candidates that reflect the diversity of the Democratic Party,"said Leslie Katz, SF DCCC Chair.

District 1 Supervisor
-Jake McGoldrick: 1st ranked choice -Lillian Sing: 2nd ranked choice -Matt Tuchow: 3rd ranked choice

District 2 Supervisor
-Michela Alitoto-Pier

District 3 Supervisor
-Aaron Peskin

District 5 Supervisor
-Robert Haaland: 1st ranked choice -Dan Kalb: 2nd ranked choice -Bill Barnes: 3rd ranked choice

District 7 Supervisor
-Sean Elsbernd: 1st ranked choice -Pat Lakey: 2nd ranked choice

District 9 Supervisor
-Tom Ammiano

District 11 Supervisor
-No endorsement
School Board

-Heather Hiles -Norman Yee -Jill Wynns -Eric Mar -David Weiner

College Board
-Milton Marks -Natalie Berg -Rodel Rodis -Matthew Juhl-Darlington

BART Board of Directors, District 7
-Lynette Sweet

BART Board of Directors, District 9
-Tom Radulovich

Local Ballot Measures
Yes A Housing Bonds
Yes B Historical Preservation Bonds
Yes C Health Service System
NP D Government Organization Charter Amendment
Yes E Police & Fire Benefits Charter Amendment
Yes F Non-Citizen Limited Voting
Yes G Health Service Charter Amendment
No H Stadium Naming
Yes I Economic Development Plan
Yes J Sales Tax
Yes K Gross Receipts Tax
No L Single Screen Theaters
Yes M Housing Preservation
Yes N Military Action in Iraq
Yes O Use of New Sales Tax Funds
Yes AA BART Bond

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