Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Something about Monday night's District 1 forum makes one wonder if Supervisor Jake McGoldrick's not missing the forest for the trees. Locked in a fight with the groups organizers, the pro-business, pro-Newsom SFSOS, McGoldrick and his stalking horse challenger Rose Tsai refused to attend. Outside, an RBA guy handed out Tsai accusations against SOS, and McGoldrick talked about refusing to give the forum legitimacy after about 30 of his supporters walked out of the meeting hall at USF. ... But who was left inside? More than 250 people, and at least 200 looked like real live district residents. That's a rare sight in San Francisco politics, where these rooms are usually packed with insiders and campaign volunteers. Jake could have stood out in the room, since his four challengers are running on almost indistinguishable moderate platforms. ... Leanna Dawydiak rose above the others just a bit, railing on Presidio development, and on the budget deficit and taxes, saying, "We wouldn't be in this mess if City Hall would learn it's not an employment agency." She also stood when speaking after an audience member complained about low volume. The others continued to sit. ... On the way out, one older woman commented to a another - "Jake McGoldrick just lost my vote. You know I voted for him last time and I was going to vote for him again." The challengers did very little wowing, but Jake definitely made an impression. Many voters were talking about SOS and Republican ties - a la McGoldrick's charges - and they seemed confused and upset by the incumbents stunt. And voters talk to each other. ...

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