Thursday, October 21, 2004

Coup d'etat at the DCCC? Our latest reminder that no S.F. official should visit China without a designated back-watcher at home:

Dear Members,
I am dismayed to hear that there is quite a bit of subterfuge and activity following last nights' meeting. I am the Chair, not Mary, and am available by email and phone messages. The card is to go out, the members have voted to do so and we do have the money to send it. Contrary to the message sent out, there are efforts to stop the card. This is unacceptable. The vendors are to send out the card per the DCCC position. If there is an ability to raise additional Federal funds, I will authorize that a second card be designed and mailed to those districts where we have endorsed more than one candidate with pictures for all. The action taken unilaterally to disband the slate card committee is not valid and an inappropriate effort to stop the card from going out.
Of additional note, the slate card committee is, per the bylaws, authorized to select vendors- not design nor any other element of the card other than to reflect our positions. The committee was also to help raise funds. THis is the precedent of many years. That is it and that was done. We complied with mbe/wbe requirements and the members, in seriotomy, approved of such. Of note, I did the bulk of the work to raise the funds for the card and this was done. Before I left, everything was in place to ensure that the card goes out in timely fashion. There are funds pledged and in to ensure that we mail the card not only to absentees but election day voters. I urge those members who seem to feel compelled to call the vendors, try to set up their own system, or become chair themselves, to stop these actions and allow our card to go out. There are much more important issues at stake than the size of a picture. Please act with integrity and move to do the work of the DCCC with i! ! ! ntegrity and respect for the other members and for those propositions and candidates who are relying on us.
Leslie Katz

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  1. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Ranked choice voting is the source of all sorts of drama. I just got a mailer from Nick Waugh in which he claims to be endorsed by Gavin Newsom, even though his is only a second-choice endorsement (Andrew Sullivan is Newsom's first-choice endorsement).

    It's pretty sleazy of Waugh. I was thinking of giving him one of my 2nd or 3rd place votes, but no more. His web site is also a little misleading, burying the fact that he's Newsom's #2. ALL of the other major candidates whose site I checked (Sullivan, Mirkarimi, Haaland, Barnes, Feldstein) were more up front about when their endorsements were 2nd or 3rd choice endorsements, putting that with the name of the endorser, not buried in a link.