Tuesday, October 12, 2004

It was the District 5 "Mod Squad" of three moderate candidates that helped keep Rescue Muni Chair Andrew Sullivan in the news. The ad hoc group was the brainchild of Francis Somsel, a self-proclaimed "Newsom Democrat," and included Sullivan and preservationist Jim Siegel. ... Now that he has Mayor Gavin Newsom's endorsement, though, Sullivan is making it clear he never formally endorsed the other two candidates. Under ranked-choice voting, they could stand to pick up a boost if he were to do so. ... "I want to be clear I have not made second and third choice endorsements," Sullivan said Monday. "I have done joint events, but there are other candidates who are fairly moderate as well. ... In addition to promoting my candidacy I’m in favor of promoting good moderate ideas, but I have not made any specific endorsements." ... And that's how it works when you're famous. ....

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