Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Read the latest from district 1, 2 and 11 in Thursday's edition of The Body Politic. And this is hilarious:

Exciting news from the David Pascal campaign! We are running a close race, and with just a week to go, David is gaining serious momentum!In order to raise the last $3,000 for the campaign (for our big Get-Out-The-Vote), we are once again running an email-only silent auction. Each donation is matched 1-to-1, so your $50 really means $100 to us! And if every item gets the minimum bid, we'll receive $2450!

RULESTo bid, you just need to email your highest offer to for any of these items below. Auction ends at 5pm on Thursday. Highest email bid wins!

First, any of these gifts can be the official start of that holiday shopping! (Just think how much Mom will appreciate the private airplane tour of San Francisco!) Secondly, it will help David win the election and bring us "A Voice for Our Neighborhoods, A Vision for Our City"! For more on David, check out


1. One Hour Light Airplane Tour of the SF Bay Area ($150 value) min. bid $75

2. Power Manifestation" Workshop & 3 Coaching Sessions. ($200 value) min. bid $50

3. Six Portier Wines ($150 value) min. bid $50
4. Doula Services for new mothers ($500 value) min. bid $250

5. Life Coaching Session, 1 hour session (3 available) ($100 value each) min. bid $40 each

6. Yoga Therapy Sessions by Sarha Orantes, Phoenix Rising min. bid $40

7. Hands On Healing: 90 Minute Healing ($100 value) min. bid $40

8. Network Chiropractic Session by Dr. Karen Josephs ($135 value) min. bid $40

9. Two (2) Hours Tech Coaching/Consulting ($100 value) min. bid $40

10. One Hour Massage by Timothy James, CMT ($50 value) min. bid $25

11. Tennis Lessons by David Shakiban min. bid $40

12. Chiropractic initial consultation, exam & treatment by Elon Bartlett ($105 value) min. bid $4013. One Year of Web Hosting ($100 value) min. bid $40
14. Thai/Breema Floor Bodywork (5 sessions for bid) ($140 value) min. bid $40 each
15, Fire (Poi) or Light Performance Show for a Private Party ($100 value) min. bid $40
16. Relationship Coaching Session by Ali Berlin ($150 value) min. bid $40
17. Hypnotherapy session by Michelle Benoit ($250 value) min. bid $75
18. Nanny / Family Assistant (4 hours) ($64 value) min. bid $30
19. Massage/Chakras Balancing Sessions (3 available) ($75 value each) min. bid $40 each
20. One Year Web Hosting ($120 value) min. bid $40
21. One Month Kung Fu Lessons (3 sets available) located in Richmond, CA min. bid $40 each
22. One Hour Numerology Reading by Erika Stone ($150 value) min. bid $40
23. 5 Yoga Classes & Feel Good Juice - One Taste Urban Retreat Center ($50 value) min. bid $3024. One Hour Coaching Session by Goose Duarte ($75 value) min. bid $40


Email with the following information:

1. Item number (or name of item)
2. Bid Price
3. Your name, phone number and email address


Due to campaign contribution limits, the maximum bid of $500 on any item will be considered the winner.
All bids will be considered monetary contributions to the David Pascal campaign.

The auction ends at 5PM THURSDAY EVENING!

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  1. Anonymous9:48 AM

    >And *this* is hilarious:
    >Exciting news from the David Pascal campaign! We are >running a close race, and with just a week to

    Which part of "this" is hilarious? The email auction seems like an interesting way to raise money, if not a bit unorthodox, and too little too late. Is it hilarious that Pascal's camp is calling it a "close" race?