Monday, October 11, 2004

Sullivan on Newsom's endorsement:

SAN FRANCISCO – Mayor Gavin Newsom today endorsed Andrew Sullivan for
District 5 supervisor.
“Andrew is a proven leader with a great record of getting things done,” Mayor
Newsom said. “In 1999, I worked side by side with Andrew on Proposition E,
the Muni reform initiative. He stood firm for Muni riders in the face of tough
opposition from entrenched interests, and the result is better service for over
700,000 daily riders. A lot of people talk about government reform, but
Andrew has proven he can build coalitions for change.”
The Mayor continued, “Andrew also understands that we need to reform San
Francisco's old, failed policies toward homelessness and quality-of-life issues.
He supports Care Not Cash, unlike many of his competitors, and he's committed
to making it work. He’s also supporting Proposition A, the affordable housing
bond. His commitment and passion for improving San Francisco with practical
solutions is why Andrew Sullivan is my choice for Supervisor in District 5. I urge
all District 5 voters to make Andrew their first choice.”
Mayor Newsom described the 33-year-old Sullivan as “one of the best and
brightest of a new generation of leaders. If the citizens of District 5 want
someone who will stand up for clean streets, responsive government, and real
solutions, Andrew is a great choice this November.”
“I am deeply honored by the endorsement from Mayor Gavin Newsom,” said
Sullivan. “I’m a strong supporter of the Mayor and his efforts to improve the
quality of life in San Francisco. If elected, I’ll work hard with the Mayor and
the Board of Supervisors to improve this great city through better Muni service,
more housing opportunities, and cleaner streets.”

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