Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A sampling of Chris Daly's colleagues on Michela Alioto-Pier's call for censure (and if he doesn't call anybody "punk-ass bitch" between now and next week, things might look better):

Tom Ammiano: "He was good today." ... "Doesn't really resolve the problem, it becomes more divisive." ... Tuesday behavior showed a 180-degree turn. ... "Everything has consequences."

Aaron Peskin (running for Board President): "I haven't seen the tape. I was on a much-needed vacation."

Sean Elsberd (last guy Daly called a punk-ass bitch): "Should it pass it sends a strong signal to the public that we will be respectful of them." ... "I agree with everything Supervisor Alioto-Pier just said."

Bevan Dufty (running for Board President): "Once we get to this point it's a no-win and I hope we become a more cohesive board." ... Tuesday was a good example of various board factions working together in a positive manner. ... "I don't want to take one side, I'm staying straight down the middle." ...

Gerardo Sandoval: "No comment." Saw the hearing in question.

Matt Gonzalez: This is new ground. A lot of members of the public were lobbing bombs, interrupting Chris. ... "It's never OK to be discourteous, but I understand why it happened."

More in Wednesday's Ex.

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