Tuesday, December 14, 2004

In a rare confluence, Plan C, SFSOS and Joe O'Donoghue and his Residential Builders Association are all working to defeat Supervisor Sophie Maxwell's interim controls for Showplace Square. It's all about the housing. ...


  1. Anonymous9:50 PM

    and they all lost.

    The Alliance of the Desperate and Friendless.

  2. Well, they clearly won on the exemption for the three pending RBA projects in the area. But with all the warehouses out there where the owners want to convert to housing, there is apparently money in the bank for a Maxwell recall. Randy Shaw's Beyond Chron has an interesting piece on the subject.

  3. Anonymous11:33 AM

    ida know, all the RBA got out of that was the opportunity to have EIRs done. those lots don't permit housing yet - they're conditional use, meaning they would need approvals by planning and the board of supes; neither of whom will be looking to do any more RBA favors.

    that's a victory, i guess - if you're starved for victories.

    speaking of which, shaw's piece on yet another maxwell recall effort seems to counsel the RBA that it's a foolish thing to do.

    the previous recall effort had SFSOS money behind it, so it wasn't hurting for money ... until divisions between recall backers drove them apart. the fact that the mayor would appoint a successor in the event of a recall drove the bayview progressives away from the recall then, and will probably keep them away now. and why would the RBA want to try give the mayor another appointed supervisor?

    the recall talk is just more grandstanding by the increasingly marginalized RBA.