Monday, December 06, 2004

Supervisor Chris Daly talked Sunday about The Examiner's exclusive reporting on payoffs to homeless people for testimony at Thursday night's Planning Commission meeting:

I called [Denise] LaPointe who set up a meeting earlier in the week (with Lennar Corp., the shipyard developers). She said they are looking into it. She said she was not involved, that no one in the team involved or sanctioned. I told her, 'When you get more info, call me.' ... It seems like someone who was charged with turning people out ended up with this scene and it's probably several levels removed from the higher ups. Something happened. Someone has an interest in seeing this project go forward. ... (On a side note, Daly talked about homeless advocate Abdullah Megahed, who pointed The Examiner's reporter to the payoff story, and his winning effort to secure more than a dozen turkeys for the homeless over Thanksgiving by soliciting donations from officials at City Hall) ... I'm probably going to tell [Lennar] that I need more information. ...

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