Saturday, January 22, 2005

Who is this Karl Rove you speak of?
Do the candidates for DNC chair really think they are offering a win when they jump all over the Republicans? While President Bush is slipping the word "freedom" into a 20-minute inaugural speech something like 27 times, we have the Dems' top strategists still agreeing more on the need to "beat Karl Rove" - his name came up half a dozen times at Saturday's chair candidate forum - than on any "shared values." ("Values" was one word used a lot more than "Rove," but according to Donnie Fowler, all Democrats share "75 percent" of their values; later, Simon Rosenberg said they share "90 percent.") ... Interesting words in closing statements from Martin Frost - "I will wake up every morning and think how we can get the best of Karl Rove" - and Howard Dean (the most humorous of the seven candidates) - "I am working on a Red State speech that doesn't mention George Bush, it only mentions the good things we are going to do." ...

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