Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Former San Mateo County Supervisor Mike Nevin doesn't think much of Assemblyman Leland Yee's new bill package. Nevin campaign spokesman PJ Johnston called up to say Yee's just trying to erase the memory of his landmark Feng Shui resolution, his missed votes, and his failed legislation. They've even got a nickname for Yee's 40 bills: "Pander Express." ... The two are both running for State Senate, and it's the race to watch. ...


  1. Anonymous8:50 AM

    This racist comment by this Nevin guy shows his true colors.

  2. 40 bills?!?! What was he doing...filing them away for two years while he sat on his ass doing nothing? Who wants to bet that none of them will get passed. Guess he can blame it on the bad feng shui.

  3. Anonymous9:23 AM

    I'll take that bet!

  4. Anonymous6:45 AM

    That is not a racist comment and I wish Assmblyman Lee's staff would quit trying to play it off as it is.

    Pure and simple:

    1. Dr. Yee is a panderer (Is that a word) You do not get high ratings from opposite groups unless you pander.

    2. It is called a play on words...the Pander Express... You know like the Panda Express, The Midnight Express, The Pony Express. Nothing faster than Leland Yee pandering for votes.

    By the way what happened to his staff'e blog...That went down faster than the Pony Express.

  5. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Of course it is a racist statement. Otherwise just say he is a panderer. Saying Pander Express is a clear reference to the Chinese restaurant chain and therefore has quite racist overtones.

    As someone who has worked with domestic violence victims for years, I don't really know who he is pandering to in his legislation to protect the most vulnerable children and women in our community (child prostitutes and victims of human trafficking). It just sounds like good government to me.

    What groups are you referring to? The Examiner posted the ratings a number of months ago. He had high ratings from Labor, Environmental Groups, Civil Rights Organizations, Educators, etc. Low ratings from the Chamber of Commerce, Religious Right, etc. This seems to totally disqualify your comments.

  6. Anonymous8:46 AM

    LMAO "Panda Express"
    I usually dont tolerate any form of racist comments (even if its as minor as this statement) but I must admit, that comment was hella hilarious. HAHA

  7. Anonymous1:47 PM

    You are a piece of work. Why is it that you will tolerate this racist comment? Yet another example of the racism that exists even here in San Francisco.

  8. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Getting 40 bills passed won't be a "WOK" in the park.

  9. Environmentalists for Yee11:01 PM

    I can't believe these racist comments by Mike Nevin and his friends. Leland Yee is such a deserving Senator and these types of comments only energize supporters like me. Nevin should know just because these comments would fly in the police department when he was a cop, doesn't mean they fly today in this district.

  10. Anonymous10:25 AM

    I agree with the Enviros on this one. Nevin has made some very insulting comments over the years and here he goes again. Not the type of Senator I want representing San Francisco or the peninsula. Yee is the right choice on this one.

  11. Anonymous9:39 AM

    To the fool who tried saying Yee wouldn't pass any bills, I just read in the Examiner that he passed 22 in this year alone. He still has another year in the session to pass more. What an effective legislator.

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  13. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Well PJ Johnston and Seamus Murphy proved they don't know much about the legislature. Yee appears to have had a pretty good year!