Thursday, December 04, 2008

10 Cool Twitter People at

@meghan1018 - she writes about government with a little extra political flavor, plus, she's practically my neighbor!
@pbroviak - virtual worlds, mom, Public Works director, just awesome
@bgreeves - ditto Pam, Muni Gov 2.0, stylish geek (no longer self-proclaimed, pal!)
@quepol - We heart SF!
@david_tallan - whip-smart, representing Ontario
@mikekwan - shout out to a GovLoop newbie
@k0emt - #1 avatar on this list, where can I get one?
@marlinex - have to show love to CalPers!
@stelzner - watch out, he listens to people on trains ...
@levyj413 - save water, would ya!?


  1. Suggestion for next time, Adriel (or for now if you want to edit) is make those Twitter names into html so people can click them directly.

    Oh, and did you know is hosted on a taxpayer-funded GSA-managed server that is 50% funded by the Obama-Biden Transition Project, itself a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization that accepts non-lobbyist donations? I've written about this Project at length on my blog, with a final chapter in the works. Search my blog for Cluen.

  2. Fixed the links - thanks for pointing that out!

  3. Adriel... just saw this post. Are you referring to the avatar that I use now, or was it a different one? - @k0emt