Sunday, November 01, 2009

Twitter Lists: Thinking Like a Spammer

So I'm loving Twitter lists. I've already written here about their potential as a discovery engine for new people to follow, and about how I like the crowdsourcing of tags to describe other users (and how you learn about yourself from the tags others put on you.) Blogging and exploring today, I've been thinking about two more big issues.
Social media consultant Ari Herzog commented on an earlier post that he's using Lists to organize people he's not following. Me, too.
1) Lists allow you to dip in and out of important communities, either as a lurker - just checking out what's up, or to carve your reach further into a community you want to engage with.
The implication is that Lists are great for explorers and marketers. And for spammers.
2) Imagine you've got a product for dentists. Well, according to Listorious, there's already a handy list for you to start peppering them with @ reply messages. Get ready for it.

~ Adriel Hampton is a San Francisco public servant and host of Gov 2.0 Radio.

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