Thursday, May 27, 2010

Future Uncertain for Real-identity Web

The best-possible future for Gov 2.0 includes individually controlled social media sharing and the ability to turn verified identities on and off. Unlike the heydays of AOL or present of anonymous newspaper commentary, Facebook's identity system had been helping to slowly change the culture of the Web to persistent use of real identity in social networks.
I fear that Facebook's recent privacy stumbles may have a long-lasting negative effect in this move towards digital citizenship. I'm reading blogs about hacking the Facebook profile to disguise identity, and many of the people tweeting about deleting their accounts already have cloaked their identity on Twitter.
Should Gov 2.0 advocates be proposing a persistent real digital ID based on voter verification? Can Facebook or government be trusted with persistent digital IDs? Should this be a function of a private company, the U.N., individual governments, the open source movement? And is persistent digital identity a reasonable goal?


Who Controls Identity on the Web?

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