Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A (Western U.S.-centric) Cross Section of the Political Left on Twitter

A friend recently asked me for suggestions of political tweeps to follow, from center left to far left.
From candidates to elected officials to activists, from school board to Congress, in no particular order (especially not on the "leftness" political scale), here's what I came up with:
@brontyman @moanasaves @tiffanyrenee @strategicfox;
@pschurman @beraforcongress @strandedwind @garamendica10;
@jariaskins @steed2010 @gostevengo @davidbadash;
@karoli @ladycabdriver @gavinnewsom @ginacuclis;
@erininOC @kylelacio @yatpundit @sacramentojd
For added measure, here's a list of my Twitter friends I call "Progressives without Borders" (international flavor, ftw).

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