Saturday, June 05, 2010

Social Semantic Web: 'List Me Monday'? #LMM

Without going into its continued efficacy, let's just say that "Follow Friday" on Twitter has become a robust tradition. I'd love to see a tradition emerge around a meaning-rich but underutilized Twitter feature - Lists.
Now, lists have been all the rage among power users for some time, but they are far from hitting the pop culture core of Twitter. A "List Me Monday" meme could help change that.
Lists provide rich peer-generated data on Twitter users through tagging, and also help suss out influence. For example, someone with 20,000 followers and only on 50 lists is nearly always a quasi-spammer using automating to build their following. More organic and tightly networking accounts - and those of famous folk - generally have ratios of 10/1-100/1 followers to lists.
A "List Me Monday" tweet recommendation might look like this: "List Me Monday - suggest @empireave for startups, social gaming, social media lists #LMM"; or, "List @Cheeky_Geeky under gov20, enterprise, tech, foodie #LMM."
Thoughts? And, will you join me on Monday by tweeting out a few "List Me" suggestions?

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