Monday, July 05, 2010

Rocking Vibram Five Fingers (with sore toes)

These shoes have been out for some time, and I keep seeing Sergey Brin pictured in them, so I finally bought a pair (camo gray, to be exact). They are definitely some interesting footwear, once you get past a core weakness: five toes are much stronger than one toe.
Like, if you step on my foot and I am wearing regular close-toed shoes, I will probably be fine. But if you step on a couple of my toes with your traditional shoes when I am wearing Five Fingers, I think it is going to hurt quite a bit. 
This is why I snowboard and do not ski - I like both of my legs firmly anchored in the same general position, not free to go whichever way they might be pulled by the forces of nature.
Like, if I catch a couple of toes on the corner of a short wall, and I am wearing close-toed shoes, I may lose my balance a little, but that is about it. But in the Five Fingers, a couple of my little piglets are going to hurt like hell. And yes, I did do this on the first day in my new dogs.
But past that - I have walked and run in the shoes and they are fantastic. The connection to the ground is great, the sole protection is great, they dry out really quickly after they get wet, and they breathe well.
Just be careful around places where your tootsies divided may fall.

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