Friday, September 03, 2010

Market St from My Window

Market St from My Window
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Going into the office isn't so bad with a view like this. I actually got to pick my window when the whole floor in my office building was being remodeled, just off a set of plans. I had something like mid seniority, and focused on getting as clear a show down Market Street as I could.
Before moving to the seventh floor, my office was internal, with no windows or natural light, more than a little depressing. And before that I had a nice window in an open newspaper editing bay above one of the seediest spots in San Francisco, Sixth and Market, where staff witnessed two murders in four years.
There is a hawk that nests around the SF Mart, and sometimes perches on the flagpole just out of the shot on the right. As he soars above Market, the areas small birds try to chase him away. Today, a seagull was hounding him.

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