Sunday, September 12, 2010

Today's Kick-Ass Entrepreneur: Adam the Comic Book Writer

I met Adam and Alicia Messinger and Ramon Villalobos a couple months ago while reading Marvel Zombies in the cafe at Barnes & Noble. They'd just come back from ComicCon in San Francisco, and I was a little jealous. Talking to them, I learned that Adam was a comic book writer, and Ramon an artist. They gave me copies of their personalized business cards, and we exchanged Twitter handles. Alicia sends me messages on Twitter now and again, and last night, I caught in her stream a link for their latest project.
Adam and his friends want you to help fund their dream, help them produce a full comic book project, The Amazing Fist. 
The Amazing Fist is a project on Kickstarter, which lets entrepreneurs microfund their dreams. I'd heard of it, and it's where the Diaspora project raised tons of cash to try and take on Facebook. But I've never been as excited to participate in a project as this one.
My brother is an artist, and he, too, has met the Messingers. They get around, and their enthusiasm is contagious. Perhaps one day in the future, my brother will be working with them, too. For now, they have a talented team of artists working to help Adam's dream come true. Check out the link to the right here, and I hope you'll join me in pledging funding to this project. You can log in to Kickstarter through Facebook, and pledge your payment through your Amazon account.
Anyone who's been job hunting in recent years knows that our economy is falling apart for steady, well-paying employment. The future belongs to the entrepreneur, to kids like Adam who match their big dreams with big hustle. If you've got one of those remaining steady well-paying jobs, I hope you'll check out the link in the sidebar here, look at the fun incentives Adam and team are promising, and join me helping them raise the $3,500 for The Amazing Fist.


  1. Great Article. My name is Karissa Martin and I am long time friends of the Messingers. They definitely have the spunk and drive to make their project a success. If you can pledge, it will truly bless them (plus you can get some amazing incentives). Go Amazing Fist!

  2. Kickstarter is just pure awesomeness. Adam´s project is great and I just became one of his backers. I´m really glad he made his goal and look forward to getting the PDF file!

    Nice article too.
    I´m just thrilled about everything. Hahaha.