Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Social media matching using email with NationBuilder and Accurate Append

Campaigns are often about momentum - and no matter how well-funded or energetic your official organization is, momentum requires tapping into a larger base of supporters and engaging them with your message. Once you've tapped into that group, give them great messaging and turn them loose on social media.

I've seen this kind of organizing in practice with a brand campaign I ran at NationBuilder where just a handful of thousands of customers enlisted in the campaign were responsible for nearly half of the referral visits to our campaign pages. You don't need a lot of people, you need to identify the most passionate and give them tools. These campaign ambassadors can provide the winning edge.

So how can you find out which of your supporters are sharers? A baseline is to identify which have social media accounts - and NationBuilder automatically matches social accounts such as Twitter and Facebook to email when you import a list. If you have names and addresses (such as a voter file), you can use data append vendor Accurate Append to get email addresses for matching purposes. Accurate Append's email append can typically match at least a third of a list. (They have a phone append product, too, if you are doing phone canvassing.)

Once you've matched email and social profiles, you can use NationBuilder filters to target your email outreach and recruitment to those voters to have social accounts. Convert them and empower them to amplify your messaging.

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